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Omni-channel Solutions

ACT’s fulfillment strategy and process treat inventory as fully available to all channels (DTC/e-commerce, FBA, store replenishment, resellers/wholesale) from one location. While the internal fulfillment process may diverge to optimize operations, the outbound process only diverges at the point of pack out and shipping.

It allows companies to deliver goods to multiple channels using a single facility with a single workforce, delivering from a single inventory. The channel dictates the order size, delivery requirements, packaging, shipment method, and rules for handling shortages.

Our process is designed so that items can be selected simultaneously for any channel requirement. The Omni-channel solution operates in a manner to assist our customers in handling today’s complex inventory and order assignments across all channels. Orders or product demand are entered into worker pick lists as soon as they are initiated for processing at the distribution center, which promotes both fulfillment flexibility and processing speed.  Same-day order requirements, as well as traditional retail deadlines, are easily handled with complete visibility.
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