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Health and Safety

ACT takes the topic of safety very seriously with the attention to detail that our employees/owners and our customers demand. Safe and healthy workplaces are often taken for granted in the United States. But at ACT our safety-conscious facilities and secure operations are a direct result of efforts made by everyone working here daily. During all business and non-business hours, ACT provides appropriate security and restricted access measures for all Products and Materials, Client data, equipment, and files. No person other than an authorized employee or designee of our customers is allowed to inspect, handle or modify any Client data, equipment, files, or other assets. Both our safety and security protocols are strictly followed.

Our plan does include actions to address flood, fire, storm, epidemic, pandemic, quarantine, and natural weather catastrophes. That makes the topic expansive and complex but between our years of experience and our resources we are and always have been up to the challenge.  Of course, 2020 was an example of a historic disruptor and world event. ACT is proud of our response and the approach our team took to address the pandemic situation. It serves as a great example of the team’s ability to respond quickly and effectively even under the most extreme conditions.
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