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Employee stock ownership

We have differentiated our company from the competition by creating an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (“ESOP”) which has enhanced our long standing culture of employee engagement. Compelling research continues to highlight that employee ownership can be a powerful tool that yields enhanced performance especially when paired with an “ownership culture”.

Our “ownership culture” has not only improved the team’s short-term performance but also helps increase employee commitment. In fact, our ESOP commitment has shown to spur innovation. These qualitative benefits all contribute to ACT’s success for both our employees as well as our customers. As the research shows, forming an “ownership culture” creates a win-win-win situation; ownership, employees, and the customers are all better off. The success of our ESOP ensures that “We deliver what others promise.”

Martin Garcia

ESOP Member

As an ESOP member, I really feel like my work is going to a company that has my interests at heart. It really goes to show just how invested we are in each other, the customers, and our company. We’re really a big family here, and the ESOP ownership structure really shows how we take that to heart!

Jose Mojarro

ESOP Member

The big difference with being an ESOP member is that when I wake up in the morning and go to work, I know I’m building up not only my company but my future. The benefits that ACT gets from a job well done spread throughout the company and will lead to greater benefits to me as time goes on!
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