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Receiving Your Product

Coordinate with the inbound carrier to expedite your shipment into our facility and notify you of all products received...

Handling Your Product

Add or remove hangers, bags, hang tags. Pre-packing or assorting as directed. Pick and pack, cleaning or adding tissue...

Shipping Your Product

Receive your orders via EDI or other type of transmission. Floor load or pallet based on customer specification...
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Why ACT Fulfillment?

ACT Fulfillment, Inc. has been providing supply chain solutions since 1994.

Many respected companies trust our experience and service to ensure their products are handled efficiently into a wide array of supply chain needs. Our team of professionals at ACT Fulfillment are committed to continuously driving improvements for our customers. Today’s technologies are already here and in use but we are already focused on tomorrow’s improved solutions. Even though business is changing faster than ever some ACT Fulfillment focuses remain the same. We believe great teams deliver great results and that never changes.



    Delivering on promises made a difference when we started ACT and it still makes a difference today!

    The Main Features

    Delivering on our promises, keeping you informed, and feeling secure in the process.
    Customer -Centric
    An employee-owned culture means the customer is always on our mind.
    Vast Industry Knowledge
    We work with a variety of industries, which means we have a wide-expertise for your company.
    Laser-focused on Quality and Accuracy
    We've integrated smart systems so you can track your products through our entire process.
    Forward Facing
    Automation and advanced tracking technology are very important, which is why we are always looking towards the future to guarantee the best results.

    Employee stock ownership

    We have differentiated our company from the competition by creating an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (“ESOP”) which has enhanced our long standing culture of employee engagement. Compelling research continues to highlight that employee ownership can be a powerful tool that yields enhanced performance especially when paired with an “ownership culture”.

    Our “ownership culture” has not only improved the team’s short-term performance but also helps increase employee commitment. In fact, our ESOP commitment has shown to spur innovation. These qualitative benefits all contribute to ACT’s success for both our employees as well as our customers. As the research shows, forming an “ownership culture” creates a win-win-win situation; ownership, employees, and the customers are all better off. The success of our ESOP ensures that “We deliver what others promise.”

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