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Randy Cox

Company CEO

Randy, the company’s Founder and CEO, served in our nation’s military until 1970 when he left the service and began his supply chain journey by joining Shulman Air Freight Inc. Humble beginnings as a Night Rate Clerk and going to college during the day instilled fundamentals that still guide him today. Randy tells the team often “delivering on promises made a difference then and it still makes a difference today”. When Shulman filed for bankruptcy in 1978, Randy and a partner opened All Cartage Transportation.

Buying trucks from the failed company the two partners were able to put together a fleet of 6 trucks which was the beginning of All Cartage Transportation Inc. After years of keeping his promises and building a local and airfreight Transportation Company; the opportunity arose to enter a different side of the supply chain. “I had a customer that requested some fulfillment, warehousing and distribution support and I knew we could create a solution to meet his needs.” That is when ACT Fulfillment was established. Over 25 years later Randy makes certain WE DELIVER WHAT OTHERS PROMISE
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